The Chocolate Factory

(neopet store #14)


Just because they're close in number, I tend to quickly rifle through stores 13 (pharmacy), 14 (chocolate) and 15 (bread store). For some reason, stores 14 and 15 seem to re-populate at the same time.

There are a lot of similarly named but very different chocolate items. For some reason I prefer to concentrate on the non-chocolate items just because I'm more familiar with them. Not that you can't get a number of good values and decent profit from buying chocolate, but I tend to buy the candy, neodrops (use the guide below) and gems. When it comes to the neodrops, you're not going to profit a ton from the assorted but the others all sell quickly and you can make decent money if you get one of the rarer ones.

Neodrops RPP ANV RI Comments
Assorted 230 425 R25 Relatively Easy to get
Blueberry 650 800 R65 Semi-hard to get
Chocolate 600 840 R65 Semi-hard to get
Lemon 300 375 R50 Relatively Easy to get
Lime 3,300 3,950 R75 Hard to get
Orange 400 525 R60 Semi-hard to get
Rainbow tc 11,450 R80 Hard to get
Raspberry 3,400 3,975 R75 Semi-hard to get
Strawberry tc 8,000 R80 Hard to get

Useful Links

Neopets Shop Wizard — all prices quoted here are based on selling the item at a cost slightly below the lowest based Shop Wizard price on an average of 2-3 searches. — great site with searchable database on all Neopets items.

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