The Breadmaster

(neopet store #15)


Another food store that for the most part offers some good values. Not as popular as the main food store, this one normally features bread and dessert products. None are going to be enormous profit items but most can be re-sold for a little extra change.

Definitely pick up any doughnuts you see on sale as those are usually in high demand. I just tend to sell the plain doughnuts for 275-300 since I can pick up quickly and re-sell them quickly. The more rare doughnuts will go for much more than 300 however.

I also like the Pasties (note - it's Pasty and not Pastry). Outside of the Chocolate Marshmallow, I can sell all of them pretty quickly and even the rarer ones aren't that tough to pick up.

Most sandwiches are also good items to buy. The cakes, baguettes, waffles, crumpets and cookies are kind of a mixed bag. Some are rare and should be quickly snapped up. Some aren't huge money-makers but you won't lose money on them either. A few are tough to unload.

My advice is don't forget about this store and stick to a few items that you're familiar with.

Doughnuts RPP ANV RI Comments
Blue 100 280 R25 Relatively Easy to get
Chocolate Orange 125 280 R50 Relatively Easy to get
Chokato tc na R84 Hard to get
Frosted Chocolate tc 2,000 R68 Semi-tough to get
Grapefruit 2400 3,000 R87 Hard to get
Green 100 280 R25 Relatively Easy to get
Grey tc 10,000 R85 Hard to get
Iced Tigersquash tc na R89 Hard to get
Lemon Sprinkle 100 280 R27 Relatively Easy to get
Mynci Tail tc 2,000 R87 Hard to get
Pink 100 225 R25 Relatively Easy to get
Pink Sprinkle 100 280 R27 Relatively Easy to get
Pepperoni Pizza 2,500 9,500 R85 Hard to get
Pomegranate tc na R80 Hard to get
Powdered Sugar 900 1,500 R67 Semi-tough to get
Purple 200 300 R25 Relatively Easy to get
Rainbow 150 280 R29 Relatively Easy to get
Sand 2400 5000 R89 Hard to get
Speckled tc 2,475 R65 Semi-tough to get
Strawberry Frosted tc 1,880 R68 Relatively Easy to get
Sugar 150 280 R18 Relatively Easy to get
Twisted Sugar tc 3,000 R69 Semi-tough to get
Pasty RPP ANV RI Comments
Bean and Lentil na 845 R88 Semi-tough to get
Broccoli and Cheese 625 699 R62 Relatively Easy to get
Cabbage tc 7,700 R80 Hard to get
Cauliflower tc na R85 Hard to get
Cheese Onion 1,200 5,800 R76 Hard to get
Chocolate Marshmallow 1100 995 R70 Relatively Easy to get — Not profitable — AVOID!!
Corn 1,500 5,900 R78 Hard to get
Curried 2,500 1,600 R89 Hard to get — Not profitable — AVOID!!
Flaming Super Hot tc na R94 Extremely Hard to get
Ham and Cheese tc na R84 Semi-tough to get
Horn of Pasty 1,350 1400 R25 Semi-tough to get — Not profitable — AVOID!!
Invisible tc na R80 Hard to get
Meatball tc 8,500 R82 Hard to get
Meaty Treat 1,400 7,899 R80 Semi-tough to get
Pizza 1,200 1,500 R68 Relatively Easy to get
Sausage and Cheese 900 1,075 R65 Relatively Easy to get
Seafood 1,400 3,985 R75 Semi-tough to get
Spicy Juppie 5,000 7,500 R92 Hard to get
Spinach and Asparagus tc 869 R64 Relatively Easy to get
Squirming Squid tc 11,000 R90 Hard to get
Tchea Fruit 1,250 8,400 R90 Hard to get
Turkey and Cranberry SPECIAL na R180 Retired-Advent Year 5 Prize

RPP = Retail Purchase Price (how much you'll pay on average to buy in the main Neopets store)
ANV = Average Neopets Value (going rate of the lowest purchase price you'll pay in a users' store, or auction. This price does vary so let me know if you disagree with this number)
RI = Rarity Index
DOR = Date of Release

Useful Links

Neopets Shop Wizard — all prices quoted here are based on selling the item at a cost slightly below the lowest based Shop Wizard price on an average of 2-3 searches. — great site with searchable database on all Neopets items.

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