Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

(neopet store #37)


This store is just so-so. To be honest, it doesn't get much traffic and there's a good reason why. Most of the items sold here are pretty useless. The Chia Pops, Snow Puffs, most of the Brucicles, and various Snow foods are pretty much a waste of your time (but there are exceptions to the rule - for instance, snow covered nachos are definitely worth grabbing).

HOWEVER, there are some decent items here if you don't mind sorting through the riff-raff. We'll try to focus on the items to search for, but for now, keep this in mind.

Any Lolly (outside of the Ice Lolly) is definitely worth grabbing. Most of the Frozen foods (Frozen Meaty Sandwich, Frozen Fish Sandwich, etc.) are worth buying. Many of the Frosty or Melted items are valuable. And even some of the Brucicles are going to fetch a decent profit.

In terms of the Chia Pops, most of them aren't really worth anything. There are some extraordinarily rare ones that will change your Neopet if they eat them, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen them in the store. But occasionally you can find a Chia Pop that is worth something. Most of the time they have very unusual names and appearances so you'll see them right away. A couple are pretty ordinary looking and sounding and you might miss them; if you see a Blackberry, Blackenberry or Strawberry Chia Pop, grab it.

The same kind of goes for the Snow Puffs but the only one worth grabbing there is the Rainbow Snow Puff.

So while I wouldn't spend a ton of time here (most of the items mentioned are going to be re-populated every 20-30 minutes or so), since this isn't a popular store, you can pick up some rare items more easily here than other food stores.

Useful Links

Neopets Shop Wizard — all prices quoted here are based on selling the item at a cost slightly below the lowest based Shop Wizard price on an average of 2-3 searches. — great site with searchable database on all Neopets items.

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