Sea Shells

(neopet store #86)


This isn't a store you should be visiting often, but if you're just wandering from store to store waiting for a re-stocking, it's worth a shot to visit old store #86. This store, and the collectable stone store (#68) are pretty much the same. They're not stocked very often at all, and even when they are, it's just a few items at most.

But if you do stumble across a sale, grab anything you can (with the exceptions of shells 1 and 2 — the green clam shell and the purple scallop shell as those aren't going to be profitable if you try to re-sell them). These items are all very rare and either are shells you'll add to your collection or sell for a pretty penny in your store.

Useful Links

Neopets Shop Wizard — all prices quoted here are based on selling the item at a cost slightly below the lowest based Shop Wizard price on an average of 2-3 searches.
Nothing But Neopets — Complete list of all shells along with pictures of what they look like. — great site with searchable database on all Neopets items.

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