List Of Neopet Stores

Here is a list of all 97 active Neopet Stores (as of Jan. 14, 2008) along with a general description of the items the store features if the title isn't clear enough. To navigate to any store on neopets, you can change the URL at the top of the page. For instance, the Neopian Food Store's URL is
(change type=1 to any other store number to get to the new store).

A link on this page means you can type on the store to get detailed information on the types of products found in the store, along with advice on which items to purchase!

1 Neopian Fresh Foods
2 Kauvara's Bazaar (healing potions)
3 The Toy Shop
4 Clothes
5 Grooming
7 Neopian Book Shop (store 6 does not exist)
8 Collectable Cards (can be put into a neodeck)
9 Battle Magic
10 Defence Magic
12 Neopian Garden Centre (store 11 does not exist)
13 Neopian Pharmacy
14 The Chocolate Factory
15 The Breadmaster (food)
16 Health Food
17 Neopian Gift Shop (odds and ends)
18 Smoothies (drinks)
20 Tropical Food Shop (Mystery Island's food shop; store 19 does not exist)
21 Tiki Tack (Mystery Island gift shop)
22 Grundos (Space Station food store)
23 Space Weaponry (Space Station weapons)
24 Space Armour (Space Station defence and shields)
25 The Neopian Petpet Shop
26 The RoboPet Shop (Space Station petpets)
27 The Rock Pool (Mystery Island petpets)
30 Spooky Food (stores 28 and 29 are no longer active)
31 Spooky Pets (Haunted Woods petpets)
34 Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe (stores 32 and 33 do not exist)
35 Slushie Shop (drinks)
36 Ice Crystal Shop (ice cave weapons)
37 Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop (food)
38 Faerieland Bookshop (books)
39 Faerie Foods
40 Faerieland PetPets
41 Neopian Furniture
42 Tyrannian Foods
43 Tyrannian Furniture
44 Tyrannian Petpets
45 Tyrannian Weaponry
46 Hubert's Hot Dogs
47 Pizzaroo (pizza)
48 Usukiland (usukis - little dolls and accompanying playsets)
49 Foods of the Lost Desert
50 Peopatra's Pet Pets
51 Sutek's Scrolls (books)
53 Back To School Shop (school items; store 52 does not exist)
54 Battle Supplies (Sakhmet battledome items)
55 Osiri's Pottery (pottery and earthenware)
56 Merifoods (food from Meridell)
57 Ye Olde Petpets (Meridell petpets)
58 Neopian Post Office Kiosk (stamps)
59 Haunted Weaponry
60 Spooky Furniture
61 Wintery Petpets
62 Jelly Food (food from Jelly World)
63 Refreshments (movie snacks from the Disney Theatre)
66 Kiko Lake Treats (food from Kiko Lake; stores 64 and 65 do not exist)
67 Kiko Lake Carpentry (furniture)
68 Collectable Coins
69 Petpet Supplies
70 Booktastic Books
71 Kreludan Homes (furniture)
72 Cafe Kreludor (food)
73 Kayla's Potion Shop
74 Darigan Toys
75 Faerie Furniture
76 Roo Island Merchandise Shop
77 Brightvale Books
78 Brightvale Scrollery
79 Brightvale Glaziers (windows for your home)
80 Brightvale Armoury
81 Brightvale Fruits (food)
82 Brightvale Motery (motes - a battle weapon)
83 Royal Potionery
84 Neopian Music Shop
85 Lost Desert Medicine
86 Collectable Sea Shells
87 Maractite Marvels (weapons)
88 Maraquan Petpets
89 Geraptiku Petpets
90 Qasalan Delights (food)
91 Desert Arms (weapons)
92 Words of Antiquity (scrolls)
93 Faerie Weapon Shop
94 Illustrious Armoury
95 Exquisite Ambrosia (food)
96 Magical Marvels (magical weapons, healing items, etc.)
97 Legendary Petpets (petpets from Altador)
98 Plushie Palace (plushie toys)
100 Wonderous Weaponry (store 99 does not exist)
101 Exotic Foods
102 Remarkable Restoratives (medicine)
103 Fanciful Fauna (petpets)
104 Chesterdrawers' Antiques (furniture)
105 The Crumpetmonger (pastries)
106 Neovian Printing Press (books)
107 Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors (clothes)
108 Mystical Surroundings (backgrounds)

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